Materials Wish List

Sustainably clean out your closet

Each product from Faithfully Yours is sustainably made using a majority of upcycled materials. Donations center such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army are usually the first thought for donating clothing and other materials that are getting cleaned out of our homes. However, many items are too damaged to be sold at these stores and donation centers are overloaded with the amount of items that come through the centers. Many items that aren't able to be sold after a certain amount of time end up in the landfill anyway. So instead, next time you're cleaning out your closet or going through your craft supplies, contact Faithfully Yours to make a donation of materials that will be directly upcycled and given a second life as something new.

Take a look through the list below to see our most needed items. However, this is not an exhaustive list of items we accept, so if you have other materials, email me anyway!

Donation list

Please make sure all items are clean and have minimal staining or holes so most of the material is in usable condition.

Pullover Hoodies
Cotton & Flannel Sheets
Button Down Shirts
Table Clothes
Tree Skirts
Fabric/craft supplies