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Upcycle Care Instructions

Spot Clean When Possible

Washing inevitably wears out textiles, so for longer lasting pieces, always spot clean your upcycles when possible. The slower they wear out, the longer you'll wear them and the less waste gets created!

Cold Wash

When spot cleaning isn't enough, always wash you upcycles on a cold/gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

Air Dry

To further extend the life of your upcycle and to conserve energy, air dry on a line.


When ironing is necessary, use the coolest setting possible or steam wrinkles.

Product Specific Care

Sustainable Sponges

Place in a mesh bag before being placed in the washing machine and wash on a normal cycle.


Wash patchwork pullovers or appliqued t-shirts inside out on a delicate cycle.

Sensory Balls/Crochet Crowns

Spot clean only.

Crochet T-Shirts

Hand wash only and lay flat to dry. Reshape crochet squares while wet to retain shape.